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Admissions to ARI are based on State and Federal Regulations. The final decision for admission is made by the physician. Please review the information in this section to learn more about the admission policies and process.


To be eligible for admission to ARI, you must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years of age;
  • Document, at least, one year history of addiction. A positive opiate drug test is not required if an individual meets DSM-IV requirements for opiate dependence or if an individual is clearly at risk of relapse while receiving services in an abstinence based program;
  • Current physiological dependence on opiates of a one year history of addiction;
  • Exceptions to minimum admission criteria of current physiological dependence on opiates or a one year history of addiction can be made under the following circumstances:
    • Individuals who have been in penal or chronic care for six months or longer;
    • Pregnant patients;
    • Previously treated patients;
    • Individuals who complete MSW within 30 days of treatment.

Priority for admission will be given to the following groups of patients:

  • Pregnant patients;
  • Individuals at risk for relapse;
  • Previously treated patients;
  • Patients just released from jail and/or hospital.

No person, who is otherwise eligible, will be refused admission based on age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or handicap.

ARI currently has no restrictions on patient admissions related to the following:

  • Geographic location;
  • Legal status.

Exclusionary Criteria

  • Patients never attempting drug free treatment will not be admitted to maintenance but may be placed on detox or referred to drug-free treatment;
  • Past patients who have exhibited disruptive behavior and are considered a security risk to patients and/or staff;
  • Patients with dual addiction will be evaluated to determine appropriateness for admission to methadone program on a case by case basis;
  • If a potential patient is deemed ineligible for admission by the Medical Director, the intake counselor will ensure the patient understands why they are not eligible for our program and will make necessary referrals to the appropriate level of care. Patients no admitted will be logged and maintained by the program.

Admission Process

  1. Contact either of our facilities
    1. Pawtucket (401) 725-2520
    2. Warwick (401) 737-4788
  2. You will be asked several questions including
    1. Name, address, phone, social security number
    2. Previous treatment attempts
    3. If you have insurance
    4. Drug use history
  3. You will be given a time to come into the clinic, to meet with a counselor and have a more thorough assessment. You will need to bring the following:
    1. A photo ID (school ID card, driver's license, state ID card or passport are all acceptable. Other types of ID will be reviewed but may not be accepted)
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Insurance Card, if applicable. See Finance section to see what insurances we accept.
    4. If private pay, money order for amount given to you by office staff.
  4. When you arrive, stop in at the front office. You will do the following:
    1. Complete some paperwork
    2. Provide a urine sample
    3. Meet with a counselor
    4. Receive appointments for further services, to include:
      1. The physician
      2. Introductory groups
      3. Counseling appointment
  5. Physician: The physician is the last step in the admission process. The physician will review all paperwork, urine results, and will meet with each patient to decide if the patient is appropriate for admission.
    1. If you are admitted, you will receive your first dose. You will also have blood work done.
    2. If you are not eligible for admission, you will be given information about other agencies/services that would better meet your needs.


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