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Welcome to ARI

ARI is a privately run outpatient substance abuse clinic offering a variety of services. ARI offers a complete program for patients who are committed to working towards recovery. ARI operates using a management team made up of members of the medical, nursing, counseling and administrative areas. The team is very dedicated to the people who come to ARI for services and members of the team are available for you if the need arises. Just ask a member of the office staff to set up an appointment if you have a concern or issue.

At ARI, we believe that an effective, structured treatment program can help guide a patient down the path to recovery. We are confident that ARI has put together such a program. Treatment services can help individuals in a number of ways. Many of our patients have furthered their education, obtained training and employment, established careers, improved family relationships and improved self-esteem. Commitment to change and adherence to a quality treatment program and program guidelines can produce dramatic results in a person’s life.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Addiction Recovery Institute to provide high quality outpatient services for substance dependent adults and their families throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Care will be provided in an environment that fosters the dignity and self-esteem of our patients and positively contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of those we serve.

It is important to us that we successfully meet our mission, every day. To do this, we feel we must:
  • Provide a high quality treatment program that includes educating the community;
  • Provide easy accessibility to our services;
  • Provide accurate and easily understood information regarding treatment options, our program, and the recovery process;
  • Have each patient actively participate in the development of his/her treatment plan and after-care plan;
  • Provide our services in a low stress, comfortable environment that is safe and provides as much privacy as possible;
  • Provide services in a language that the patient understands;
  • Try our best to meet and exceed your expectations;
  • Strive to continually improve our program by monitoring our effectiveness, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.




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