Admissions to ARI are based on State and Federal Regulations. The final decision for admission is made by the physician. Please review the information in this section to learn more about the admission policies and process.

Admission Criteria

To be eligible for admission to ARI, you must meet the following criteria:

Exceptions to these minimum criteria can be made under the following circumstances:

Admission Process

When you first contact the clinic, one of our staff members will complete a phone or face to face screening to determine your eligibility and appropriateness for treatment.  After completion of the screening process, the prospective patient will meet with the counselor to complete all initial paperwork, including informed consent to treatment and biopsychosocial assessment.  This assessment will aid in the development of the Initial Treatment Plan.

As part of the admission process, a physical evaluation is conducted and fully documented. A medical examination and related lab work will be completed, which include the following:

Assessment and Treatment Planning

When patients are admitted to treatment, clinical and medical staff will conduct an assessment to collect sufficient information in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan of care so they can subsequently provide appropriate and safe services. Patients will participate in the development of the treatment plan by stating their goals and steps taken to accomplish them. If the assessment identifies a potential risk of suicide, violence or other risky behaviors, the staff member will develop along with patient a safety plan.

Given the incidence of co-occurring disorders and disabilities, addressing them is critical to successful recovery. Such services might be provided by personnel or by referrals to qualified professionals. Coordination of care is very important, so the patient will be asked to sign a release of information

Individualized treatment plans will be developed with the active participation of the patient. The treatment plan will include goals and objectives that focus on the initiation of recovery, stabilization/elimination/reduction of symptoms and the integration and inclusion of the patient into the local community, his/her family as appropriate, natural support systems and other necessary supports and services.


ARI prides itself upon the quality of its counseling staff. The staff consists of a diverse group of dedicated and qualified professionals. The staff has dedicated themselves to helping addicted patients regain their self-esteem and lead healthier, productive lives as a person who is illicit drug free. All counselors work on a team basis, along with the patient’s input, to ensure the best treatment planning for their individual patient.

After your admission to treatment, you will be assigned to a primary counselor and scheduled for 1st counseling session. You will be required to attend counseling sessions as long as you will be in treatment with us for at least one hour per month.

As helpful as methadone will be in your treatment, methadone alone is not enough. Our patients are expected to participate in all parts of their treatment program, which includes individual counseling, group counseling, medical appointments and health home services.

ARI offers individual and group counseling.  Some of the groups available at the clinic include: Early Intervention, Overdose Prevention Education, Relapse Prevention, Women’s Group, Healthy Living groups. Please ask your counselor about each group curriculum and attend the one that meets your needs.

Because of the individual needs of the patients, not all groups are offered at all times and topics/types of groups may change. Patients are offered a choice of participation in any or all of the offered groups. Patients must attend the group on a consistent weekly basis. Participation is very much appreciated and respected by both staff and other patients. We offer many groups—USE THEM!

Struggling with addiction?

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